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Choose MAS. Become an Area Studies Expert.

Master in Area Studies (MAS) is a two-year English-taught interdisciplinary programme that focuses on modern history and current developments of Europe, Eurasia, and North America. The programme provides students with tools for social science analysis. It allows them to build their thematic and territorial profile according to their individual needs and future career plans. 

MAS is all about a critical and interdisciplinary approach to analyzing challenges Europe, Eurasia and North America face today. 

Apart from building an individual thematic and territorial profile, students can follow one of two more focused study tracks:

  • Globalizing US Studies track introduces students to skills essential for the analysis of US foreign policy, its structural underpinnings and their impact across the globe and in various policy fields.
  • Transition and Integration Studies track focuses on the study of the latest development of the post-Communist European countries with respect to the transition from the Communist society and integration into the Euro-Atlantic structures. 

As a student of MAS, you will:

  • learn about approaches and methods from different disciplines including social and political studies and international relations;

  • study issues that are related to today’s world;

  • learn several foreign languages;

  • enhance your employability by developing your professional and academic skills.

Charles University. The Oldest University North to the Alps.

As as a student of MAS, you will become a student of one of the oldest university in the world founded only in 1348 - Charles University. Yet it is also renowned as a modern, dynamic, cosmopolitan and prestigious institution of higher education. It is the largest and most renowned Czech university and is also the best-rated Czech university according to international rankings. 

Institute of International Studies. Where Learners Become Leading-Experts in Their Fields.

MAS is organized and executed by the Institute of International Studies (hereinafter referred to as IMS), that is part of the Faculty of Social Sciences at Charles University. Shortly after its establishment in 1990, IMS became a regional centre of teaching and research in both area studies and modern history. 

Graduates of IMS are characterized by a contextually, regionally and methodologically based knowledge of modern history and of the legal, political, economic and socio-cultural background in those regions which are the contents of the Institute's scientific and pedagogical work. Furthermore, they orientate themselves in the practical consequences of recent historical events and essential contemporary problems and are equipped with necessary analytic-interpretive skills. The graduates of these fields find jobs in all types of governmental and non-governmental institutions that focus on the issues of the respective regions, both domestic and foreign, in their historical and contemporary context.

Last updated 15. 11. 2019