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An internship is one of the elective courses ended by “pass” (6 ECTS) granted by the programme coordinator. To achieve the credits for this course students have to pass at least 160 hours in one placement

The MAS programme itself does not offer any organized internship. Students are expected to arrange their internship on their own at any institution or company which activity is at least generally, however clearly, related to the field of the study of MAS. Programme coordinator’s prior approval of the internship placement is needed.

Below you can see the list of organizations/institutions/companies students passed their internship in:

Internship abroad? Try Erasmus+ Practical Placements

Erasmus + practical placements provide students with yet another opportunity to gain experience abroad within the Erasmus+ programme. Although students can work at a broad range of organisations and institutions, practical placements are not offered in the EU institutions, organizations administering EU programmes or national diplomatic missions of a student’s home country abroad.

The selection proceedings for Erasmus+ practical placements usually meets twice a year. Information on procedures and deadlines are posted on the International Office’s website

Last updated 15. 11. 2019